VH Author. Add right sound to your project!



Hello, People!

This topic is for VideoHivers that can’t find right music for own videos and are interested in collaboration.
Music that was created especially for motion is perfect combination and really is the one project. Plus buyers get a better product and spend less time on it. This practice is already exist among authors.
Here is the actions:

  1. You (VH Author) create a video/motion/tamplate and send me a preview with recomendations about sound.
  2. I’m create music/audio, upload it to AJ and you, upload video tamplate to VH after audio approve.
  3. We put cross links to our item descriptions so we promote each other too.
    So if you are interested, just leave comment or mail me as you like. I’m ready to experimenting! :smile:
    Other freelance available people are welcome to this tread too.

Good luck!


You really shouldn’t threaten the poor VideoHivers.


Ahaha :laughing:
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Ok, now I see. Sorry guys :sweat_smile: Welcome to tread (not threat). This is all about my browser function :smile:


This is long process i think and always is chance, that your audio item will not be approved - if i will wait with my completed item for example 2 weeks longer, some author can outrun me and upload similiar item as mine.
I like creating video project according to specified music. Creating video project without music should be uncomfortable for me, but for some authors not, so good luck :smile:


Thank you for reply, @LLmotion. I think I should learn AE to solve this situation :smile:
I had some rejections at the beginning, not now. But I understand your point.

This is not right practice btw. During a movie creation, music is one of the last. Same for advert studios.
Tell me, please, how do you choose the right music on AJ (top, trend, browse categories)?


Most importantly is tempo. If i create video project for music with 105BPM, another music with same tempo can be used.
Im creating projects from start with music, because i get new ideas thanks to the used music sometimes :slight_smile:
Once it happened to me that i created new project with music from one author, and when i wanted to upload my item, seller deleted the music from audiojungle, becauase it has low sales:) so i had to use another one with same tempo and there was no problem with it.

Chosing right music: Im browsing new music related to the category, but trending too. Top music is good for trafiic (if audio author place link to my item in song description), but for customers is not good tactic i think, nobody want hear same audio in lot of video projects.

Sorry for my english, i hope you understand me :smiley:


Thank you for sharing your experience!

I think the same. Now customers know that they can buy items with same tempo indicated in the original music project :smile: Perfect!

Ok. I have idea about tread update. You can leave your upcoming BPM, maybe time code impacts and musicians (including me :slight_smile: ) will write music. It costs you nothing. Then I post this item here and you decide which one is better :grin: Don’t wait if you done project faster. Just alternative version.

Here is the new actions:

  1. VH Authors leave here BPM after project start.
  2. Musicians post new music.
  3. VideoHivers decide which one is better and take it.

What you think about this idea? Do you think other Authors will be interested in that?



This way seems great. I’m new to sales/projects here. so I’m not quite sure about how projects get approved etc… still learning the process but when I create a product/ template, I was thinking how am I adding a suitable sound track. I think now I found a solution from you. Are you still available for this?

Let me know if anyone interested in this way too.

Thank you!! :slight_smile:


Hi, Sarah

Of course, you are welcome! Leave here maximum information about your project, and wait for proposals from AJ Authors. Also you can send me PM with video examples, so I can browse my portfolio for suitable track, or if I like the video, compose the new one.