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Hi, all
I have a problem with one page checkout. Total price show zero, but if i change to defauld checkout show the total show write

Hey there @acouto

If you let us know what item you’re using, we might be able to point you in the right direction :slight_smile:

what item? sorry, my english is bad, what mean what item? In title i sad journal opecart. What you need more? I ll send you.
thanks a lot your help

This one here:

I’m tagging in @DigitalAtelier, the author, who can help solve this problem for you :slight_smile:

you are the best…
thanks a lot

@DigitalAtelier, could you help me?


If you need assistance with our theme you can always post a comment here:

Or file a ticket on our dedicated support system here:

Thank you.

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Thanks @DigitalAtelier!


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