Magento store (technical adivce)

Hi there,

I’m building an ecommerce site based on Magento would like few tips for the layout and theme as well perhaps technologies used.

Ive found these two samples here>

Im interested mostly in minimal design concerning UX and two core features, adaptive or chained payments and the klarna payment gateway

Is there anyone who can provide some advice on how to achieve these goals in Magento, perhaps pointing me to some template? extensions?

The theme is Journal but for not Magento

Im looking for a Magento theme and possibly something related to food.

Check the “Magento” category. There are lots of themes

wow you have been very helpful and really addressed and answer my question professionally and efficiently, thank you I can still do a search by myself, thats not was I was looking for.

There’re thousands theme here. It’s not possible to remember all at once. If it was something for WordPress, I could suggest few but not familiar with Magento category.

Still, you can hope someone suggest some specific theme for you.