jnews envato elements validate license

I am an envato elements subscriber and downloaded the theme and went to validate and I keep getting a fail message.

My understanding is that as a subscriber that is the same as paying. Can create the token fine, but will not register. Support pages on jnews and their support site are a waste of time and provide zero support.

So is the envato API not working?

The whole process is a dog’s breakfast.

this process of a forum to get help is a waste of time. So frustrating when companies are so damn lazy that they don’t even provide support and rely on other paying customers to provide free support.

There’s no way to crate tokens or “activate” or “register” themes from Elements.

Elements downloads do not come with support or updates in the same way that themes bought on themeforest do, so there is no need for the registration.

In some themes (not all) this can also prevent access to the demo data, BUT all themes will work as intended, just without some of the premium feature accessed through registration but also not included with themes from Elements.