January Market payments - consolidated thread

Hi all. Similar to last month, I’ve starting a centralised discussion for any January Market payment comments, so these are more easily monitored by staff. We’ve used this format for a while in the Elements area, and it’s much easier to keep track of these compared to having threads scattered in all the different content areas.

All Author payments for Market and Elements are now processed through our new payment system: some Elements Authors have been on this system since February, and the final batch of Market authors were added during November.

Market payments are processed on the 15th of each month, or the first business day after this if that falls on a weekend. That means that the January Market payment run was processed yesterday.

Some ground rules for this thread:

  • If your account has issues connected to compliance checks, please open an Author Support ticket instead of posting here. That way you have a private channel for questions and information about your account, and you will be dealing directly with the team that can help you. Public speculation about the reasons for a blocked or returned payment is not helpful: nobody on the forums will have enough context about your account history, location or bank.

  • If you are posting about the status of your payment (e.g. “got my email but no money received in my account” or “my payment has arrived!”), please include your country, and the payout method you have chosen. That’s useful information for everyone here.

  • If this is your first time receiving a monthly payout through the new system, include that in your post as well. First-time payments tend to take a little longer to process, due to compliance checks required by payment processors.

Also, if you need more information on how to set up an Market payment method, refer to this Help Centre article for more detail:

We’re not anticipating any major interruptions to Market payments this month. There are still a few region-specific issues though:

  • Authors in Bangladesh who are being paid via Bank Transfer (local currency). Similar to previous months, the Central Bank is requiring a new Form C to be submitted before they will release funds to author bank accounts. Authors in Bangladesh who select different payment methods have not been reporting the same delays.

  • Authors who were previously based in Russia, and have compliance or ID verification issues in your new location. If you’re in this group, an Author Support ticket is the best way to get more information specific to your case.

Usually I get the email early in the morning, the first market email. not yet today… any one got it the email ?

I got the payment already as well as the email ( PS: We have sent the money ) four hours ago


we received payment email but very next minute we received payment returned email Reason :

  • Gateway processor failure

its on paypal email id , we do not know whats the reason , because its perfect from our end there is no issue

we raised ticket lets see whats issue


Ididnt even get the first email yet… for me

@Rajibcou Did you get the first email market ?

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It’s 12:45PM here… never being this late before… worried a little

Be patient.

Yes I should be…

I got the first email just now…


The funds were returned to my account. Everything is fine on the other account, I received the email.

Has anyone got Payoneer usd bank payment? (I am From Bangladesh)

Not yet.


Payoneer Payment not received yet.


Same here… Payoneer

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Payoneer here too, didn’t receive anything - this new payment system is a headache each time. Nothing was wrong before


Of course …

Any one received payments on payoneer ?