I've reached a 1000 sales!


I have just reached a new milestone of 1000 sales :smiley:
Thank you to all my friends, fellow authors, my buyers and the envato staff for all the help and support throughout my time here. :blush:

After 3 marketplaces and 12 badges, I hope to reach further milestones and gain more badges as it was in my new year’s resolution :sunglasses: I hope you all will support in my journey and i wish you all the best in your’s. :blush:


well done, congrats, huge accomplishment :wink:


Congratulations and keep selling! :smile:


Congratulation brother. Keep up the good work. Wish you all the best for your future. :smile:


Congratulations! :smile:


Congratulation bro:blush:, keep it up


congrats :gift: