1 year, 1000 sales - Thanks !


Hi Everybody,

Just reached my first 1000 sales !
Worked hard night & day, trying to do the best job I can,
Tried also to improve my english (I hope so), but it’s really worth it !

Author level 4, Trendsetter, in Best Sales each week, Weekly Top Seller with my featured item Php Form Builder … Life becomes beautiful !

Thanks so much to buyers for their kindness and all awesome feedback I got,
Thanks so much to Envato of course !

I Love Envato !


Congratulations :wink:


Congrats! :smile:


Congratulations :slight_smile: always good luck !!!


Thanks everybody !


Congratulations @migli!! :slight_smile:


congrats for nice your job envato :smiley:


Congrats ! :smiley:


congratulations, buddy :smile:
keep up the good work and you’ll become an elite author !


great achievement and i know what i am talking about as i could turn to this milestone (1K sales) a shirt while ago but i did in way more time than u did … keep up the good work and good luck for the next step indeed :wink:


Thanks again to all of you, I’m happy to find a community where people look very friendly (even Envato team),

Wish you great success with your items