Items rejected! Need some help!

Items rejected! Need some help!
Hi everyone! Some of my item was rejected.

Rejection reasons: this submission doesn’t quite meet AudioJungle commercial production (samples/recording/mixing/mastering) standard, and its commercial composition/arrangement standard
Need some help from community.
What the real problem in this tracks?

is this mixing?
is this mastering?
is this no commercial product or some samples has bad quality?




“Ukulele” is totally fine for me. Maybe to put some reverb to give some space to the instrumentts.

But “Corporate” has some production and mixdown problems. Piano sounds very unnatural. Overall balance seems wrong to me. I can also hear some resonant frequencies.

But of course i don’t know the exact reject reason, its only my opinion.

I’m sure if you’ll improve production quality and re upload again it will be approved! Good luck! :blush:

Many thanks for your comment!!! It very useful :grinning:

Try uploading it again. :slight_smile: