Item Updater for Envato Market - plugin for Chrome

Hi guys. Do you use this plugin? Is it safe? They say it can make group edits of your items but somehow it’s not very popular. Just wanted to make sure if it’s safe.


The plugin was developed by @SchwartzSound, great author and (possibly formerly) Envato staff member. Plugin is legit. Used it once myself years ago, worked really well.


@PurpleFog I know this plugin because you’ve recommended it me personally, once again, thanks!

I just want to make 100% sure it’s legit. And I wonder why it’s not popular on AJ?

Oh yeah that’s right! Sorry about that, my memory really sucks :sweat_smile: I’ll let other users vouch for it.

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It’s good - saves soooooooo much time when making global changes like updating prices.


Can anyone help on how to use this extensions for updating prices? P.S. Fixed