Item purchased and deducted the payment but not successful

I purchased the item with paypal but it didn’t not successful. However, it deducted from my PayPal account. I tried multiple time opening ticket and contacted to Envato support but no one is replying. I would like to get advise how should I do this?



Do you have your help ticket number? I may be able to see how it’s progressing.


Thanks for your reply. Yes, I have.
this is my first ticket - 2968603
And customer support name called “Chris” asked me all account detail and transaction reference. I have provided all detail including screenshot of paypal deduction from Envato. After that, no more response even I asked for update.
So, I go ahead and opened another ticket - 2974955 and no one is looking into the issue at all.

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You’ll only need to open one ticket and try not to reply until you get a reply as it will bump back the prioroty in the queue.

The ticket was opened on Sep 20 and no further response until now. So I am assuming that not kind of high workload or queue but the support personal.
Even if due to high workload, the right process for Big business should handle such a way like we are checking or working and will get back on ETA, shouldn’t be that way?
I am not new customer, I have been using and purchased quit a few items in the past. It is really frustrated for support quality.

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