Can anyone help me on paypal issue?

Hello guys,
I had purchased several items from Envato USA Inc, but I have not received any purchased items.
When I tried to log in to the Envato account to download the purchase it says I need to verify the ownership of the PayPal account. Here is the message that shows up when I tried to log in.
“As a security precaution you need to confirm ownership of your PayPal account to access Envato Market.
We’ve sent an email to (removed) which contains a link to re-enable your account.”

I think I have already authenticated but still the same issue.
Let me know what should I do to get access.

Thank you,


Please open Help ticket and let them know. they are the right team to help you. Envato Customer support team will be happy to assist you.


I have already complained about the issue but no response yet.


Please keep patience it can be some delay for weekend and large volume of open ticket. Thanks

What happens when you click on the link in the email?

We are having the same issue as well. The support came back to us after more than one week and then they said try with different browser!!

This is ridiculous, we are missing all of our deadlines for this. we couldn’t download the item we purchased ever since we paid for it!

Will anyone assist us with this issue?

We already have 2 open tickets!!!