Item is hard rejected many times.

I am a author on Codecanyon, i have 2 items already.
My New item is Hard Rejected many times after some modifications also.
Username: admin
Pass: 123456

Please suggest me to upload my item
Thank you

Somebudy help me to know problem.

Firstly well done - I admire people who can code these kinds of items. My comments may not help you find your answer, but hopefully you appreciate them:

  1. Ultimate Inventory with POS which is one of your items doesn’t appear to be that much different;
  2. The colour scheme seems a bit garish (bright and confusing);
  3. A few spelling errors but I doubt that worries Envato having downloaded 100 plus items from various authors :wink: ;

I may be wrong, but I think if an item has been hard rejected then that is the end of it. I know you have produced an extensive help file, but me looking at it, I’m scratching my head a little wondering what is it supposed to do, and personally it would be useful with such an extensive system to have help notes placed within the pages.

But salute you sir!

PS - Could not see a way to use PHP Mailer or SMTP Mail setups.

@123Simples Thank you for kind comment,
#1 yes, it look similar to it, but application updated with different feature then “Ultimate inventory with POS”, new application is have multi store feature and many new features.
#2 I try to make it different color scheme in next version.
#3 Yes spelling errors may have these, will fix it.
#4 I will add the PHP mailer or SMTP mail setup feature ASAP.

My question now, can i continue with same application concept with new UI changes or can i drop this application concept.

Please suggest
Thank you for helping me.

I’m sorry - I’m not qualified enough to say whether or not you should continue with the same application as I do not use POS Software. I think because it is a very niche market, maybe I would build something less complicated - how about a nice Client Area script? Don’t give up though my friend :slight_smile:

@123Simples Thank you for you comment and suggestion, i work on it.
Thanks again

@mediastori yes of course it’s very strict but there is no point in closing account.

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