Issues with Rev Slider


i have my website
The video i have loaded into rev slider once loaded looks to have a black line on the left and right of the page. i am wanting to find out how to remove these lines.
Also if it is possible to stop the video on its last frame instead of it dissapearing.

Also there is a moving bar at the top of the page and i cant seem to get rid of it.

Anything you can suggest is helpful



You can get in touch with Slider Revolution Author @ThemePunch-Support-K @themepunch hope they will help you out from your issue.


Hi @sancra,

Thanks for using Slider Revolution. Please allow me to answer your questions accordingly.

  1. Try going through this conflict test and see if the border line is generated from the theme or a 3rd party plugin.

  2. You can stop the video from looping by disabling the “Loop Media” option in the “Background Video” settings.

  3. That’s a progress bar and you can switch it “Off” using the options here

If you’ve further questions, email us at



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