ISO Mouseover video wordpress themes

I’m looking for a few suggestion similar to how is set up…clean and simple. I want the client to be able to mouse over my video to auto play. Would also love to have different size video to do this as well. Thanks in advance :smile:


You want to make site with same functions or you just need that part with video auto play?

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Hey the Zaccc! Yeah I’m really looking for a simple theme that runs similar to theirs. Or a nice blog style theme with roll over play type function. Many for easy customer browsing so they don’t have to click through on ever video I put up. Thanks

You will hardly find something out of box. Maybe find some good Woocommerce template and customize it.
It must be user friendly , because if you have plenty videos it must find fast video. Also you will need to have strong hosting if you want to have all that files on your server.
Or you can hire me or someone else to make it.