Can someone help recommend a theme?

I’m looking for a theme that I’ve seen but can’t find anything similar. I’m looking for a theme for a video business that when you scroll down the index page it’s divided into sections. I want to drop in video and stills and when you scroll down the frame or section appears to move as you scroll to the next. Can anyone help?

Are you looking for a Wordpress theme, or a HTML theme?

Wordpress. Also, and probably the most important thing, the video must be running as you scroll by/down. No “play” button. This is what I see most but it’s that cool look of moving video that I need. Thanks!!

The best theme I could see is:

Then there is wordpress plugins where you can autoplay videos - just search and you will find them. The only problem I would see is that by autoplaying videos phone users might be annoyed by it just happening and using data allowance. Good luck

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