Is this Theme suitable for my needs - Woffice - Intranet/Extranet WordPress Theme



Could you please advise if Woffice - Intranet/Extranet WordPress Theme is suitable for the following website or if you can recommend the best theme to support the following requirements:

I want to create a support website for members with the following functionality:

  • paid monthly subscription
  • chat forum for registered members only
  • all members have registered profiles
  • members can have live video calls with each other
  • members can have private text chats with each other
  • members can see how many miles another member is from them
  • professional members can have live group video broadcasts to all members for teaching purposes

Your advice will be greatly appreciated.


Theme specific queries should be directed to the author @Alkaweb here.

For what it’s worth, that is a pretty robust theme but I am certain that some of those requirements are going to require plugins and/or custom development to achieve them.

There’s also a few other considerations including thinking quite carefully about updates going forward to a very complex site, as well as the hosting you use which is going to need to be quite substantial.

It also sounds like you may well need an extended license for this which is quite a lot more expensive (still vastly cheaper than custom building something that extensive).


Hi there,

Thanks a lot @charlie4282!! Really appreciate the mention here :smile:

Yes, we do have many customers using Woffice for such project. Here are the details about your questions:

  1. Yes, Woffice integrates well with Paid Membership Pro: which is free and full of very good features. It works nicely with BuddyPress as well.

  2. Yes, Woffice is compatible with BBPress, you can use Woffice to make those pages private (or all of them). That plugin will come with all the forum features you’d need out of the box and Woffice will enhance the design.

  3. Yes and more!

  4. Never heard of any of our customers doing that but I guess you can manage to get something done with: that might require a custom integration though. Therefore you might need a freelancer to make it work perfect for your use.

  5. Yes and no :slight_smile: Yes because the data (coordinates exist in your database) and you can have a map of all members. However, you’d need a custom integration to get the miles number out of the coordinates. It’s pretty easy math but would still require a developer though. As it’s not a feature at this moment.

  6. See 4. or you can also use Learndash, they do have some addons for that and it’s also compatible with Woffice.

You can also find an extensive list of features here:

I hope that helps, let us know if you need more details.

Kind regards