Is there a way to utilize RTFX without After Effects?

I quite enjoy RTFX and have been using it for about a year, but it seems like it works best with After Effects, or at least much of the functionality I see in the adverts doesn’t seem possible without it. Are there other programs that allow me to access RTFX’s full suite of animation tools?

Is this the item that you’re refering to?

If so, it looks like they have other separate versions for Premier Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro, and Apple Motion.

Yes, thank you. I like to avoid using Adobe when ever possible as I have to buy my programs outright and they don’t allow for that. I have been using Blender up until this point, is there a way to switch out the version I have for one I can get to work on my system, Apple Motion for example?

You likely won’t be able to switch it without buying the other version.

You can try contacting the author of the item to see if you can work something out with them, but I expect that you’ll have to just buy the other one since you’ve already been using the one you have for about a year.