Is there a subscription to VideoHive.

Is there a subscription to VideoHive. How do I subscribe to VideoHive and also to Envato Elements. I mean subscribe together and not just subscribe to Envato Elements??

I am waiting for a very quick and urgent response

It doesn’t exist / subscription is only to items on


Why not available. Please develop price plans to subscribe to the two sites together, and this is a demand of many field leaders, thank you

Element is the subscription service.

Also it wouldn’t work except to have a separation between the two because not all authors will want to be part of a market/joint earning that woks how elements does and envato don’t own the items to enforce it

Element is the subscription service…! How do I get the videos from VideoHive???

Can i subscribe to VideoHive only. How is the way?

I know how to subscribe to Element

There is no subscription for the marketplaces (VideoHive, Audiojungle,…) Those work on a pay per item basis.

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There are some items from videohive available on elements but not all

Just like there are some on elements which are not on videohive

You just have to search them

Simple. You get items on videohive by paying for them.

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Thank you