Is there a shortcut to moving clips in Premiere Pro?

I’m fairly new to video editing, and I’ve recently been editing videos for my friend’s Youtube channel. I want to speed up my workflow, and one thing, in particular, is moving/selecting clips. There have been many times where I’m cutting through a video and end up cutting out a large chunk, leaving a big empty space in the timeline. What I do now is zoom out, then click and drag the clip(s) so they snap up with the rest of the video. I feel like there should be a shortcut where I can just select the clip(s) I want to move, then automatically have them move and snap to a clip in the same track.

Another example is going back to an earlier part of an edited video with lots of cuts, then cut something out, now I have a small gap and the rest of the video needs to move to fill it. Currently, I would just zoom out, click and drag to select the hundreds of clips on the right side of the cut, then zoom back in to manually drag them so they fill the gap.

There just has to be a quicker/easier way to do such a simple thing, but I can’t find anything about it when doing a Google search.