Is there a React Native theme for an Agrarian Exploitation?

I am looking for a React Native theme or template to create an application to manage a farm. This is known as: “Exploitation Notebook” and is intended to record all the activities carried out in an agricultural exploitation:
plowing of land, sowing of products, fertilization of land, etc.

Examples of similar apps that are already on the market:
Agricolum, Agroptima, Agroslab, Cultivapp

Is there a template that will help me and make my job easier to create such an application?

Thank you


This sounds far too specialised to be available on a stock marketplace

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Well, I’ve searched Codecanyon and couldn’t find it.
There are already many examples on the market:
Agricolum, Agroptima, Agroslab, Cultivapp

I was looking for something that would help me build something similar without starting from scratch.

The issue is that all of those are off the shelf software or platforms rather than the scripts etc. that go into developing custom solutions similar to those. Again it’s just not suitable for a generic stock marketplace

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Based on your experience, where do you recommend I look to find something to start my project?

Well, that makes me very sad, I am excited to create something like this for a relative of mine

And for example, if I want to create a simple notebook where I can add notes, images, dates, etc, something that is not as sophisticated as the examples I have shown.
Could I find a topic on Codecanyon ?

You’d need to start by looking on Google but you need to understand the very different model between stock products and purpose build software/platforms/tech etc.

Purpose built tends to have functionality and feature built with the exact use in mind and which you would never find on a generic product.

As a result it tends to cost a lot up front to develop (even the basic options).

With software/platforms you get things like ongoing updates, maintenance, support etc. all of which you would need to look after yourself if you create something.

I don’t know enough about the type of thing you are after to be able to comment on finding a work around but 99% of the time it is not that easy. Purpose built solution exist because they are able to save time, stress, and long term, money by offering something more practical than trying to create something for yourself



I have marked @charlie4282 answer as the solution because you already answered your own question inasumuch as you have found similar apps that already exist on other markets.

Thanks for your quick help @123Simples
I did not try to show applications from other markets.
What I showed are applications similar to what I want to create and that are in the different Mobile Application stores.
They are not themes to build an application, which is what I am looking for in Codecanyon

If you want to close my question you can do it, that’s why you are a moderator, but you should know that my question still has no answer
Thank you

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I do understand so thank you for also taking your time to explain your outlines of what it is you are looking for.

I think my point was (in accordance with @charlie4282 ) that sometimes finding a specific theme to build an application is not always that simple, and if you search themeforest:

There are 569 items matching that criteria but whether one of those match what you hope to achieve is the question. Good luck my friend :slight_smile:

Thank you friend for dedicating your time friend. I see you have not read my question. I’m looking for React Native not WordPress or HTML
All the best

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