Is there a basic guide on how to use Enfold?

Is there a basic guide to using the Enfold theme, which I recently purchased?

So far I’ve managed to figure out a few things myself, and the theme seems to be very impressive. But it would be so much easier and faster if I could just consult a basic how-to guide to get me started.

You should ask the Enfold author. He can answer to this question.

Can I ask if is easier to use video tutorials then written tutorial ? I’m looking into ways to improve my documentation.

Thank you

Thanks - I’ll try that if I can find his page.

I think there are pros and cons to both. Video tutorials are great for showing exactly where things are on the page, but if you’re already familiar with how something works and you just need a reminder about one thing, it’s easier to use text because you can use search terms to locate the bit you want instead of having to play the whole video again.
Video is great for a basic overview or introduction, but text is best for the detail.

I think I know what you mean. The problem with videos is that you have to skip ahead. With text the problem is that information may not be so complete for novice users.

So here is what I started to implement. Documentation - html as much detailed as possible. for every feature that I display on my theme page I will create small videos to show how it is working. In this way they don’t need to skip ahead on videos :smiley:
Thank you for your input.

That sounds excellent :grinning: