Is one regular license sufficient?

Hi there,

I was looking for similar questions, but couldn’t find one that adressed the same issue.

We are interested in buying a wordpress theme and using it for our companie’s blogs. At a later point we might want to use the template for our website, too. We do not want to sell it or even distribute it to clients.

I understand that the regular license is what we need for our blog, even though our blog exists in several languages. But I am unsure about which license or how many license we need if we want to use the same template for our website.

Do we need two licenses or is one license sufficient…?
I would be really grateful if someone could help me with this.

Thanks in advance

Hello :smiley:

If the company blog is also a part of the same company website then it would be considered a single project and a single license would be all you need.


Thanks for your answer! :smiley: