is my theme being pirated?

Hello All,
tomorrow my theme got accepted at themeforest. since then no sale yet. i searched on google and just found that my theme is on this site [link removed] as a null theme. i am worried about it. Is that site really offering the themes or it is fake ?
what should i do?

Unfortunately it’s a downside to stock marketplaces and far from exclusive to here.

You should report the site to envato support or you can submit a DCMA. unfortunately there is only so much they can do.

There’s still the vast majority of people who choose to buy legitimately.

If you keep your product up to date, a lot of the time these sites will have very outdated versions. Some of my products have been pirated when they were first released and now there’s been more than 10 new versions. In some cases, I’ve even converted pirates to being customers because they want the latest update.

It is amazing, how they can copy a theme that is published Tomorrow!

well that’s the point… and even without any sale…

You said you have no sales yet, so there’s no way for your file to be going around illegally.

There are many sites that claim “free download - [theme name] theme get it here!!!” and provide an affiliate link to your item’s page on ThemeForest to try and cash in on referral money - they’re not actually providing your files for free.