Is my future bright ?


Hi All,
I am about 1 month old Envato member. Most active since last week. I have earned 4 badge in last 7 days. Is my future bright on envato ? I have added an item.
My profile and My Item [link removed due to forum rules on self-promotion]

With a bright hope :slight_smile:



You did that? cool!!! just keep the motivation & don’t forget to take a break… good job!


I’ve been seeing a dozen invoice scripts on CodeCanyon, maybe trry creating something unique.
Btw, your product is among the better ones :slight_smile:


Interesting , I am waiting for 21 days for approval of audio track.


Your futures so bright you should be wearing shades :sunglasses:


future depends on how you perform. Just keep doing the great work with dedication


Thank all, for your kind replies @miasStudio @WhoWP @FancyCat @elusivethemes @Jthemes


Your future is as bright as you decide it is, Super. You don’t need anyone else to tell you. Keep the hard work coming, decide what it is you want, and GET IT! You can do it.


@ElevateAudio Thanks, your lines sounds good… motivated me to push another update today… Let’s see… Waiting for 2+