Is it possible to correct the information on an invoice?

Hello! A few weeks ago I bought an article, but when I checked the invoices, I discovered that some of the data was incorrect. Corregi the information of billing in my profile, but the data of the invoices are still wrong. I need to know if there’s any way these bills can be corrected. I’m a little scared about this,
I need help please.


Already invoiced billing addressed can’t be changed. But if you correct the billing info in your profile then for the next all invoice will be your new billing info.

if you interested you can open Help ticket and let them know.


Hey, thanks for answering.
So, if I make another purchase to generate the invoice “B” (with the information corrected and updated in my profile), the invoice “A” (generated with old incorrect information) will be updated? Or I can generate that new invoice without having to buy something (I’m very interested in updating the information on the first invoice with incorrect data).

No, old already invoiced will not change.

If you update the information then new information will be applied only for the new purchase.


I understand, thank you very much for your help, thank you very much!

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