Is CodeCanyon more focused on code or design? Naturally, it must be a code, but ...

I had a question.
The codecanyon site usually provides scripts and coding,
So why do they care “much” about product design?
A typical normal design with a powerful coding, will this product be rejected?
I think the designers who make the product on this site are more comfortable coding than designing.
I want to send a product for this site, but some things that I saw was a question for me. Thank you for explaining someone.

There has to be a balance - all marketplaces are selling ‘premium’ products which needs to be reflected throughout items for sale.

Honestly it really depends on what you’re making.

For example I’ve uploaded items that are pure PHP. There’s no HTML, CSS, images, or any sort of styling. Just code, and that’s totally allowed, because truly CodeCanyon is focused on the code.

However if you’re creating an app or plugin then user experience comes into play. If your app or plugin introduces some brand new, next-level functionality which is highly innovative, then UX probably wouldn’t matter in the slightest. But otherwise it could be a fair factor in the review decision. Having a superior UX alone won’t cause an item with poor functionality or innovation to be approved.

With respect to design, you’re right, we’re not graphic designers and you could even use the default Bootstrap skin in your items if you wanted to.

If you are asking with regard to what the reviewers are looking for, I guess you can do a number of things but this is unpredictable territory and you shouldn’t have to try to accomodate to what they are looking for.

Instead, what you need is to have an interest and passion in what you are building and be ready to do whatever it takes to succeed.

Remember, you are not working for someone else. You are the boss, it’s your call.

Having said that, apps that have high visual appeal to their prospective customer base are apps that will sell well. This is to your advantage and something you should consider. Good code is nice, but good code with high visual appeal is even better :+1:t5:

Good luck!

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