Is Brutalist Web Design The Next Hot Trend?

From the Washington Post:

The hottest trend in Web design is making intentionally ugly, difficult sites

Really interesting article on the Washington Post last month about the emerging trend of tastefully off-trend sites.

My question to you, web design community, is what you think of these so called “brutalist websites”:

  • Are they a symptom of too much minimalism?

  • Are they a creative form of rebellion against the mobile web?

  • Do you like them, hate them, and why?

  • And, have any of you designed themes that fit this brutalist style? (If so, please do share some images!)


Funny :slight_smile:
I don’t think so - some “artists” may try coming up with these things, but my opinion is that common sense should win over ideas like these…

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My eyes get seriously ill when I’m looking at these kind of websites. Feels like someone wanted to be original and go against todays trends, but instead it looks like well…sh*t. I don’t really see a point in making websites difficult and ugly and hope that this atrocity won’t last long :joy:

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I’d be interested to hear what @SoloPine and others think of this.

I’m sorry, but it should be called Amateurism Web Design, not Brutalist Web Design :frowning:

Not everything that’s trendy it’s also hot.