Invoice for my purchase

I bought 3 wordpress themes / licenses at once, all the same, all from one seller.
Therefore I need an invoice which contains all positions. What I found in my statements where 3 invoices for the themes plus 3 invoices for the inluded support plus 3 invoices for the buyer fee and a credit card “receipt” which contains the total amount at least. For my digital accounting this is total BS und totally unnecessary. Why aren’t there all positions listed in one invoice or this credit card receipt? This makes no sense at all.

Since I’m in Germany and my accounting is in Euro I need one combined invoice with the total cost. When each seperate invoice is counted together and converted into Euro there will be a different total than the number which was debited from my bank account.

So how do I get my combined invoice?


I think it is not possible but you can ask envato support for more

Customer support


@codelayers is right to ask support but because these invoices have to include author info as well as your own details