⚡ Insanely Simple Solution To Our Search Problem!

There is a grain of truth in what you said. However, Envato’s article called " Audio Top Trends & Insights – October 2018" clearly states that buyers are not happy with titles. So are most authors.


Currently, I can’t think of any possible cheats. But you may be right eventually. That’s why we need to think about and discuss this idea to reveal possible chances to game it. I think they can be eliminated once we discover them.

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and more … if we, the authors, are able to work with complex programs, plug-ins, create musical compositions using various musical instruments, is it difficult for us to give creative names for our “imperishable” works ?! of course not! Between the two shores: “adequacy” and “greed” - greed wins … unfortunately!

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Great idea!

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Great idea!

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Why this will not work:

  1. Buyers already know the naming tendency
  2. When you are searching through tons of items you dont want to read alot of shait.
  3. Now you are sure that title holds the most important words to the authors item.
  4. This double naming system would MAYBE work on audiojungle but definetly not on other marketplaces. For reasons above.
  5. There are some creative names used in market and its great! But when all items would become Xtra, UltrAx, Magex, Spulzz, Grapphy, Kontentics, Magnomax. Wtf is that ??? I go for motivational epic slider logo ukulele. FOR SURE. And you too.

Hi, cyzer! Thanks for joining in and sharing your opinion!

Can you explain a bit further? It is not really clear what you mean by that.
I’d like to emphasize that buyers want better titles, as Audiojungle customer experience questionnaire revealed.

I strongly believe that we are reading more of shait with the current system. I suppose with 99% confidence that creative titles would be much shorter. I would definitely like to navigate through lots of "Land Of Wonder"s rather then through tons of "Inspiring Cinematic Epic is Inspiring Cinematic Epic"s.

You are right. The only thing is that these important words are the same for most styles of music in 90% cases. So they are not helping to choose a track.

I suggest this idea purely for Audiojungle, can’t really say anything regarding other markets. As you are an established Videohive author, I trust what you say about VH search.

Totally agree, that looks silly

Btw watched some projects from your VH portfolio, honestly, incredible stuff! :trophy:

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Very true for video or web templates. It’s a different story for music, though. Your comment highlight the fact that the different markets require different specificity. The one size fit all model we have is problematic.


I like it the way it is. I know all the flaws of the market search system so I know how to search and how to find what I am looking for. The two name solution would make it worse than it is now.

Audiojungle is a separate world… maybe that wouldwork. I doubt it. Creative names would make market look evenmore oversaturated. Audioxx, Musicax, traxbax, sax, shmacx, tunebic, ukuletronicalemaximolix. Its stupid.

Simply create good music. Unique good music. If you suck at creating good useful sounds double names and even tripple names wount make you better at creating music.

stupid indeed… but that’s not how you usually title music.

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Ok. Lets get into the rabbit hole. How will / would you name your tracks if creative titles would be there?

Something like this for example:

And here is a real rabbit hole for you:



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Ok … so Soundroll is already naming his tracks creatively. Why cant you guys do that?

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Because we want to be seen in the search engine.

SoundRoll is not a “typical” author in that he has been on Audiojungle from very early on and is one of the all-time top selling authors. His massive sales translate into better overall visibility for his higher selling items, but his creatively titled items would get no exposure whatsoever if they were released today.


Why cant you become untypical? :slight_smile:

What do you mean by that? Are you candidly asking @EightBallAudio why he won’t become one of the three top sellers for a decade?

Anyway, with the new design which shines less light on top-sellers, SoundRoll is most likely suffering from his creative naming convention.

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And he has been for a long time now. He has been replaced by keyword titlers. The current monthly best selling authors list consists of precisely 0 (zero) creative titlers.

If you think creative titles are worth $10,000-15,000 per month, then sure!

TimMcM is now making up to $5,000 per month (down from $20,000), gone from the best sellers, but his music is STILL unique, good, and useful, as it’s so difficult to copy. He could easily make it back to at least $10,000 per month by changing a few titles, but apparently he doesn’t want to. Personally, I value $5,000-10,000 higher than titles.

The first person (with the right music) to really start doing this methodically is now #1 and a millionaire. The search was the same before (not exactly, but more or less, heavy on the titles), but there weren’t that many tracks, and most people used (more) creative titles. Someone lucky might have stumbled on the “Inspiring” title (which could be both creative and a keyword) and struck gold.

The rest is history.

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Great idea! A simple but ingenious solution!

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No one cares. We are not in Envato priority list anymore. No one reacts on our requests. I mean NO ONE. All Envato focus shifted on Elements.


On Elements, the search engine works the same way as on AJ, as I’ve checked. «This Hip-Hop», «That Hip-Hop», «Hip-Hop That», etc. The reason why it’s not so many (relatively) this kind of titles there it’s there are a lot less tracks at all, I guess.