Insane volume levels....Well....there go my speakers

Folks…I’m not sure what curation (if any) is used to make sure that audio samples are the same level but PLEASE work on this.

I was editing in Premiere Pro with music track levels peeking nicely at -12 with 50 volume on speakers and computer (how I usually edit).

I hop over to AudioJungle to get another track, click on preview and BBBBBBBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMM music comes absolutely RIPPING out of my speakers. This is not the same for full volume on Youtube, Spotify…anything but here. Please address this.

I would prefer the clip be too quiet at first vs. too loud.


All the main streaming platforms, including YouTube and Spotify, have loudness management systems which ensure (more less) that everything plays at a similar volume.

However, this isn’t currently the case for the preview player on AJ, which creates an incentive for authors to push the loudness as far as possible to make their tracks stand out.

I’m not sure how technically difficult it would be for AJ to introduce loudness management, but I think it would make sense given that nearly all the platforms the music will be used on will have this system and it would give buyers a better idea of what their tracks will actually sound like on YouTube etc.


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I think that “the War of loudness” is a total overwhelming phenomenon that is unstoppable now I believe.

Many of authors try to make their track as loud as it’s possible in order to their works wouldn’t be quieter than the work of others. Nobody wants to make his track quieter cause of then his track would get lost in the tons of stuff on Audiojungle.


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But if you have tracks at -12db,
you will always have tracks on AJ at 0db…

We can speak about normalization to lufs, but still 12db is quite a lot.

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Totally agree, Envato you need to regulate dB levels on uploaded projects. It’s ridiculous how loud everything is. I actually hate the leveling issues that you have so much to the point where I’ve switched to using [site removed - mod]. This OP makes a great comment too, that people who are browsing your site, are also working on things within programs that have clearly metered differences in dB volumes. It’s beyond obvious that you have an issue. How about a volume control on the website, instead of just a mute button? Easy UI fix… come on

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Envato is still great for AE assets and stock footage, but this sound issue and honestly the difficult to wade through thousands and thousands of tracks is just too overwhelming.

Audio adjustment and some additional curation parameters would definitely encourage me to return though.

the track playing at 0 dB, with -12 RMS will sound quieter than a track playing at 0dB with - 6 RMS. But I would not refuse specific options for each style. Thanks for the theme)

There are some parameters in the Windows Audio Mixer. Hope I could help

Windows Sound Mixer

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