Using LUFS loudness standard for Audiojungle player

Hi audio community and Audiojungle moderators!
To stop the “Loudness war” most of the streaming online services switched to the LUFS loudness standard.
YouTube ~ 13 LUFS
Spotify ~ 14 LUFS
Apple Music * Soundcheck On * ~ 16 LUFS
I think this would be a great idea for AudiJungle too. Buyers can be sure that on YouTube their video will have the same music loudness as on the player Audiojungle.
This would give an additional plus to those authors who make a good sound and do not try to use the extremly loudess of the track to attract the buyer’s.
What do you think?
About LUFS
About Loudness war

Hi, there are several threads on the subject…

I agree, and I would personally be ok to limit my levels to -13 or -14… for one, it would be easier to mix/master the thing, as such levels do not need to push things hard.

But when people browse thru the songs, in genres such as hiphop… well… if I sound 4 db lower that everyone else, I know I’ll have no chance… so yes, I am guilty, and I aim at -10 LUFS…

The ideal would be if the player in AJ was using the same as youtube or all the others, and limit everything to -13…

I think this is really the only way we’ll ever get any progress on this front. As long as people are allowed to compete on levels, they will. It only makes sense.


Our task is to make a quality mix. Customers will do as needed. do not forget that often with music played by additional effects, voice, etc Better “dynamics.” So it’s pointless to think about it. “Aj” recommend not to do excessive compression of the track.

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I agree. Achieving -10 with my Hiphop tracks does not require too much compression or squashing, though.

And I know I am part of this loudness war, I am sad about it, as I wanted to avoid this.
On my own website where I sell beats, I was ok to lower the volume: I am the only one on the page.

But here… if you get a quality mix but nobody hears you… :frowning:

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Why did you decide that if your track is quiet nobody would buy it? One thing should always be remembered: Our customers are professionals and they understand how to adapt our music to their project, but if the track is very compressed it is difficult to" edit " this is a key fact on which buyers are operated when choosing music.

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While I’d love to believe this to be the case, and I’m sure there are lots of professionals who are buying music here, there are also a lot of amateur video makers who don’t understand what you are saying. It is also a proven fact that the human ear will often equate “louder” with “better”. If you’re mastering for -12 or -14 LUFS and you’re jammed in between two -8 tracks… i don’t think I need to say any more…

Why do you think it’s common practice in the television advertisement game to crank up the commercials volume? It works.

So as long as we don’t have any sort of normalization, you are somewhat forced to play the loudness game. I’ve been trying to not to slam the hell out of things lately but I definitely need to get it cranked up a bit more than I’d like to get in the same ballpark.

A bit of normalization (-12 would be great IMO) would be welcomed by me for sure.


I do not understand.

Try it out in your DAW, find a track that is mastered at around -8 (very easy to do on AJ) then take one of your tracks and render it at -14 (spotify normalization level). Huge difference.

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another site 5 does normalization when loading tracks . but this is not the reason for bad sales on Aj. you need to dig a lot deeper.

lol i’ll keep digging, i guess you gotta do the same :wink:

i know it’s not the only reason or anything, it’s just that I think some normalization would be a good idea… not sure why you would disagree?

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If not a secret you get a lot of “hard rejected”?

I definitely get my share! Not sure what that has to do with what we’re talking about though?

You said we should dig deeper together.

I think the whole hard-reject thing is a completely different topic… you’re kinda jumping all over the place?

Thread is about normalization, I think it would be a good idea. You seem to want to disagree but you don’t seem to be giving solid reasons as to why it wouldn’t be a good thing?

Your music sounds quite loud and presentable. Therefore, the reason is not the volume level. So I suggest you look for another reason. perhaps your music is very difficult for commercial use. I’ve met tracks that are very quiet, I had to add sound, but at the same time these tracks had good sales. From this, I conclude: loudness does not play a key role…

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I think you’re missing the point here, or you keep wanting to make a different point. Nobody is talking about sales in the first place.

For the small amount of tracks I have, I’m not unhappy with my sales actually… I don’t know why you brought that up, no one was/is talking about sales, you seemed to want to insult a little with your first comment.

The topic is normalization… and the fact that having a standard would allow everyone to relax a little bit on their master limiters and probably improve the quality of sound on the marketplace overall.

I addressed the points you made directly, you seem to be avoiding mine.

Do you have anything to say about normalization and why you think it would be a good or a bad thing?


I’m not insulting anyone. If you were satisfied, you would not be interested in this topic… the question “volume level, RMS, LUFS” will not solve the problem… all such topics are reduced to one “SALE”. music should be liked by customers not because of the volume. I think so.

yes yes, i’m not arguing that, it won’t fix a bad mix, it won’t increase sales, it won’t make a bad composition good, i hear what you are saying.

But what would be wrong with having things normalized?

Yes I have my stuff at a loud volume, and i’m no best seller or anything, but my tracks do sell. I think they would sound better personally at a lower level of limiting/mastering, but I’m not going to experiment with that because they would sound noticeably quieter alongside the other rock tracks. I also think 95% of the rock tracks on here would benefit from some lighter limiting/2-bus processing in general.

Normalization takes the whole argument out of the equation & all of the major streaming services are doing it anyways… so what would be wrong with it? Can you give me an example of what you think would be bad about it?

I think the staff of " Aj “more than once thought about” normalization " of all tracks and here to what conclusion they came: If all tracks to do under one volume, the idea of the author will disappear. in addition, customers are accustomed to the difference in volume in the database " Aj “otherwise received complaints and” Envato " solved this problem in the shortest possible time.

You can make track gains at any time, but it is impossible to remove it…