INDIAN Authors - USA(iTin) Tax Discussion Only



Sorry but I have one more question.

If buyer outside USA still 15% or no tax

What about old 30% tax which deducted before submit pencard will that we can get

Thank you


If buyer is from outside USA, no tax will be deducted if you have correctly submitted the W8 form.

I’m not sure whether you can get old 30% tax or not.


Hi All, I have submitted the W8 Form (with PAN Card) last week and have received an email stating that “Your account has been updated”. Now the problem is that they are still charging 30% tax for US sales. Please advise.


Hi, Make sure you have filled the required information correctly (specifically the Country and Tax ID fields).

If you stilll have questions, please mail to:


Thanks Templatin. I have emailed to them. waiting for reply… :slight_smile:


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Hi everyone!
Can someone please confirm if submitting PAN actually resulted in 15% RWHT for US sales and 0% tax for non-us sales.
Thanks in advance.


Yes, I can confirm that.


Thanks for confirming templatin!!


What if i submit my all details about itin or Foreign tax id number ?
Will my all old withheld tax come back to my account ?
Cuz i have 2 sales and on each sale 4.48$ us withheld tax :frowning:
Will 8.96$ will back to my account ?


No, you won’t have any withheld taxes returned, but it will mean you don’t have any taxes withheld moving forward. However, you will get a US tax summary which you might be able to use to offset against any taxes you need to pay in your own country…


What to fill in here guys??

The beneficial owner is claiming the provisions of Article and paragraph ******* of the treaty identified above to claim a ******** rate of royalty withholding tax. More information Check the Table 1 Extract for the relevant treaty rate and article number.

Explain the additional conditions in the Article the beneficial owner meets to be eligible for the rate of withholding: More information ***********


ANybody confirmed this. Can i use PAN Id as foreign tax id ?


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From what everyone is saying, yes… you’re meant to use your PAN.


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PAN is completely fine. You can submit your PAN no.


@BetaGarden @hashanubhav PAN is not enough if you want to get a Tax Credit in India.

An ITIN is required to get Tax Credit. Please consult with your CA.


PAN number AS Foreign Tax ID Number or Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)?