I'm Very Excited Here! 😂

Peace & Blessings! Everyone
This is your LovelyFriendAli,
I’m new here in this AudioJungle community but very excited :joy:
so I would say thank you for reading my first “Topic” :wink:

Why I’m here?
2 year ago (since 2015) I started learning music first time, why music? because I believe that music is the best way to express your feelings,
I didn’t have any idea what is the ABC of music,
but I learn music every single day because I want to be an extraordinary music composer/producer, after a month or so I found an extraordinary ability of mine which is melody making!
so I made dozens of melody
after 1+ year (since December 2016) I decided to start my musical journey with simply learning music professionally, in 27th of July 2017 I release my first instrumental music called "Happy Tune"
I didn’t get millions of views but I get hundreds of views which is awesome for me as a starter
you can listen to the music here if you like!

I’m not here to tell you what I did!
but I’m here because I want to help people (the community) and also want to learn from you guys (The Awesome Creators) to be an extraordinary music composer/producer

Thank you!
God Bless You All