Why I Love Audiojungle? (My Little Story)

Hi Everyone! I’m Ukrainian Music Composer and I want to tell you my story
How I found this Creative Music Place and fell in love with it.
It was 8 years old, I try make music on PC with Fruity Loops and thought
How can a lot of people hear it and make a feedback. So i wrote these questions to google search and found this Amazing Audiojungle. I sent my first composition and got Approval.
O M G i can’t believe in it my Music in Main Table and people listen it…
A little time passed and I got first comments and do u know what ?!
My first money 10$ for My Music Work. It was So crazy time i cant believe in that.
I live in Ukraine and our people don’t like buy music they everytime looked free.
So when i understood that i can got feedback and also earn on it i try make music everyday and everynight again and again and u dont know what?!
And after i sent other my composition and was shoked… i earn more than 10$ to
50$ O M G and my music need of other peoples i didn’t believe in that…
A time passed and i was in Top Popular Author of Month. That was crazy.
This was very big motivation for me. After some times i up my skills in music found some plugins and vst library and try some times make over 60 composition. In Audiojungle I was able to realize me
After Musical Crysis, i lost work with War in My Country but i think not about that…
I very long time dont make music and few days ago entered in Audiojungle and saw 100$ in my count. I was so Happy and get money run to shop and buy a lot a lot a lot food on 1 week it was Holiday Day for me and i’m glad that it that hard time Envato with me.
That’s why I Love Audiojungle!
Thank you very much for your existence!
Thank you people who support me and my music!