I'm new here and I have a few questions.

Hello all; I’m Tom Bolin a real newbie here. In fact I don’t know how I got signed up for this website. Just noticed it on my credit card statement. Before I dispute the charge I thought I would look around and see if this would be of use to me. I have been shooting photographs all of my life and now that I am retired I would like to sell some of my photos. Photography is my life’s joy and displaying them has just been a hobby. I saw that photos are sold on this site, so I started to apply but they want 3 places to view my work and I only have 2. There is mention of a portfolio but I have no clue as to how to upload one. with all of that being said my Questions are:

  1. How would one go about uploading a portfolio?
  2. What would they expect in said Portfolio?
  3. My best work is landscapes and candid shots of people being people. I am not sure that candid shots would be right to upload seeing as there is no modeling release.
    I hope some of you can give me some pointers.
    Thank You In Advance.

Hi Tom! Welcome (back?) to Envato :smiley:

You may have bought something from one of our other sites - Envato runs seven marketplaces (PhotoDune, ThemeForest, AudioJungle etc), an online learning site (TutsPlus), a freelance marketplace (Envato Studio) and a subscription service (Envato Elements), plus a few others like PlaceIt and Sites.

The Author Help Centre has some articles on getting started as an author - Getting Started with PhotoDune looks like it should cover your questions.

Authors selling photos now apply through PhotoDune and Elements at the same time - that Getting Started page has a link to the Elements application form.

In terms of photo-specific resources, we also have guidelines on technical requirements and commercial demand requirements for image stock.

Hope that helps!

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