New Photodune author


I am also new here. Just discovered I was accepted today. Decided to try uploading files and I just don’t get the categories. They make no sense to me as none of them apply as far as I know to the photographs I create. I clicked on the link provided for the OP question, but that did not give me any enlightenment at all. Feeling quite frustrated actually at the complexity of the process.

I am a beginner...

Never mind. I just realized photodune is a separate site. And that’s the one I’m waiting for.


Hi Sheila - welcome to Envato! I’ve just moved your posts across to the PhotoDune area.

There are some PhotoDune-specific guides here, that can help you to get started:

You can also open a support ticket with our Author Support team here - they should be able to help solve almost any issues you might run into.


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