I'm looking for this BackGround Music, anybody can help me out? Thanks

I downloaded this music file several months ago but forgot to save the link. Now i really need that link to purchase for my very important project.

Please send me the link if any of you could find out the link…

Thank you so much !

Undefinded music

@cutocubig, the market is very large and here are a lot of similar corporate tracks. You saved the item only under this name or you have a preview file with numbers? Because if you have that is easy to find it. Another way, unfortunately, no. So if you have that preview file we could help you to find the track.

If you don’t have, then, is my pleasure to recommend a track from our portfolio which is very similar to the music you linked here:

Best Regards,
Lilla from Team HoneyLoud

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I agree with @HoneyLoad and just want to add that the popular service Soundizer was closed in 2017 (it defined any songs as it does Shazam). So to find this song at this moment is very difficult. But you can choose another one. For example, my advise with similar mood:

Or you can try to look at my Corporate collection:

Hope it will help you!
With Best regards.

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Hey, I unfortunately can’t help with the original track but here is a suggestion from me if you need it.

Good luck with your search.