I'm looking for coding that can detect unique pc and mobile device for use on my website

I’m looking for coding that can detect unique pc and mobile device for use on my website

EG: When guest (not log in) visit my website i want to get some hardware id for detect unique device

What do you want to happen depending on which it is? Do you just want to track it?

GA will tell you the number of each and I would have thought there’s something quite straight forward to implement further actions based on cookies

hey there,

That is something like the IMEI for example, right?
Yes, that is possible. You can get informatuons from either a software or something else ( maybe from browser ID etc ).

What specific numbet you need?

It’s quite impossible to detect the IMEI, the simplest solution for you would be the operating system. For example, Android, BlackBerry, iOS, Windows Mobile, and therefore serving content for them exclusively. I’ve done this multiple times in my items so it’s not hard to achieve, but targeting the individual IMEI and hardware specifications is quite impossible as these are constantly changing throughout years so doing this would result in an obsolete site in a year. I recommend targeting the operating system.

No, it is not " quite impossible ".
It is actually really easy with either php or JS to implement it.
Every device has a unique ID that can be used for web and it is actually something that High Scale Companies are doing for their security intranets

I’ll continue to say that it is quite impossible. For Android Devices, maybe a few are listed, for iOS, they’re identifiers are secure. I’m looking forward for a test site from you where I can log in from all my 27 test devices and that will identify them. I’m only telling your their brands. Nokia, HTC, Samsung, Apple, MI. Now, please, convince me that it’s impossible. :slight_smile:

HSC’s serve on different parameters. And Google Analytics searches for something completely different to identify the devices, and as a notice, Analytics can only detect a few android devices, usually major players, never low end devices, and considering most users that browse a mobile device may NOT have 800$ to purchase the latest and greatest smartphone you’re leaving out HUGE gap in “unknown devices”.

But I might be wrong. I’ve just been doing mobile custom mobile websites for about 10 years, with every possible tracker you can think of for customers. Who knows!

I do not think that it is a marathon " who has it bigger ".
But if you want, to " count it ", I have 18years now exprerience, doing B2B for companies where you would only dream to work for and coding private systems, which you will only see in your dreams. ( so, the 10 years doing mobile apps, is a joke for me ).

Going further, every device has a unique number, which is identifing the device.
The devices can send that ( and they do ) when you visit a site or something similar.
There are options and systems that allow users to login, only with the unique number and nothing else is needed.

Those codes can also be different, if the login is from a WiFi or Data streaming, but again, there are other types of validation that can be combined, example is identify the ID together with an SMS or something similar.

Again, it is all about the person who codes and if you

I’m going to step out of this conversation as clearly you’re only looking to belittle anyone with an opinion.

@Kornea good luck with your search! Cheers!