Test your localhost websites on a mobile device

Great new tool from 37signals that lets you test your localhost development sites and apps on a physical device, just find your current lan ip address and append it with .xip.io

It’s magical: http://xip.io/

Maybe I’m dumb at this hour, but what’s the difference between this and using WAMP/MAMP with listen port set to your IP (and making some DHCP reservations, just for machine IPs to not change) ?

37signals wants to see what you’re working on :stuck_out_tongue:

Hehe, no difference but it’s easier and saves time :wink:

And directs all your traffic through their server.

It is easier and thank you for posting it. I just always get disgusted with companies masking interests into useful tools :frowning:

use this answer by me here on stackoverflow

It is soooo easy… Thank u

dmsumon said

It is soooo easy… Thank u

You Are Welcome.