ilightbox inline html problem


Hi, I tried to use the inline html with no success. Here are the html files (which are basically copy of samples page) I tried:

Pls note to the “Inline” link on top, which is the same code shown in documentation, it doesn’t work. The buttons below are working. Now check this:

which adds style=“display:none” to the div tag (as it should be in lightbox). Again the “Inline” link doesn’t work, and now also the buttons open the lightbox but it doesn’t show content. So, the question is: what I’m doing wrong? There is no problem with reference to jquery or js files or css files, i checked, also as the buttons in ipop.html are working properly when there is no style=“display:none” parameter in div.


Hi ahmetcetin, I see that you’ve contacted the author via item comments as well, which is great. The author has already responded. If you need any further assistance, don’t hesitate to ask. Good luck.