Ideas pls?

Hi, after a loooong time I want to start producing templates with a “Coming Soon” theme, but since it’s been a long time, I’d like to have some opinions about this deisgn, any feedback is appreciated, cheers!

Presumably this is in preparation of coding it and not to submit as a psd?

With respect, the concept is very outdated and there are problems with typography and alignment of the various parts

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Yes Charlie, my aim is making HTML themes but first consulting at design phase, thank you for your feedback, it’s been a while so I need to update my web resolution concept creation skills. Gonna see and it’s challenging especially at the left part since I’m thinking to align those to the left when right side part/pages section is open, I’m thinking about aligning counter and everything to the center while it’s closed so will see, tnx!

This is a super crowded category - while it may been to be an easier one as there is less to it, this adds emphasis on pixel perfect design and original features and functionality

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Ah I see, thanks for your input, I was just looking for a “warm up” project category with not much of designing/coding, any suggestions? :wink: (And I’m not ignoring the fact that it needs to be unique no matter which category it belongs to)

Do these look better? (Closed and open states of side content)