Icons in my final project

I am working on a Presentation, and I need Icons in my final (downloadable) project, what icons I can use, I mean did I need licenced Icons, sre there free icons for commercial use?

It doesn’t matter as long as whatever you use are free to use in commercial projects

thank you for your reply,
So can I use Evanto element, when I subscibed to the license? and can download every thing until my subscipt End!

No, I don’t think you can redistribute element icons/files as part of templates for sale on envato

1 license/download = 1 website/project NOT part of a stock template for multiple items

Sorry for repeating…
I wil explain the exact case.
I am building powerpoint presention, and need Icons, I subscibed Evanto Element that let me downliad elements (including icons), with license, may I use these icons in my presentaion…
if you want to help me, you may explain the License because English is not my native Language, here is the license and terms:

please I need help, my work is depended on the answer!