I need to some explanation about earnings

I’m not sure if this is the right place for this matter. But I really need some explanation. So at the beginning of this month, I got a sale from the USA that added 4.37 USD to my earnings out of 8 USD which is the total price of the item. But last night, I got another sale from the USA. Guess what? I got only 4.20 USD added to my earnings out of an item worth 9 USD. So what’s the story here?

If I’m being paid like this, I’d be really hard to work in such a marketplace. It takes so much to approve each one of the items. Maybe I’m mistaken about how the earnings work here, but really need to how they differed the earnings from the same country.

hi there are additional or special taxes according to the place where u sale, each state may have a different tax rate indeed


I see, got it now