I need help editing my titles in Kentha theme

all my titles are left aligned in Kentha theme, I would like them to be centred, how can I do this please?
also when I share my event, the string by default has kentha-event… I would like to remove that and just have it say event. How can I do that please.


Contact with your purchase item author @QantumThemes hope they will helped!


I tried, it keeps telling me my purchase code isn’t valid and I can’t communicate with them

You can post a Comment here and let the author know:

Thank you :slight_smile:

If I click on my event the string looks like this: http://www.ftponline.co.za/kentha-event/nopressure/
I would like it not to say Kentha-event but just event please.

also I need to centre align my titles, at the moment they are left aligned.

please go to above -
Discussion on Kentha - Non-Stop Music WordPress Theme with Ajax :point_up_2:

and post a comment there to ask your query directly to the theme author. Theme author will assist you.