I need an LMS WP Theme that trains clients with videos


I am looking for WP theme that will allow my client to train customers via educational videos, allowing the customers managers check on progress etc. Also I would like to be able to have a renewal feature with maybe a refresher course.

Could someone please advise me on a suitable theme?

Thanks in advance!


You can try from here.

  1. Edumy - LMS Online Education Course WordPress Theme
  2. WPLMS Learning Management System for WordPress, Education Theme
  3. EduLMS - WP Learning Management System Theme
  4. Education WordPress Theme | Eduma
  5. Kingster - LMS Education For University, College and School


thanks for this - I couldn’t see a contact to ask if they have the features I need. Any ideas??


Every item comments tab ask your question with that item author hope they will helped!