I need a theme for an Adult Lifestyle/personal adverts site ...

Currently using a theme purchased from another site ages ago. but having major drams with it now…and need to rebuild a new site …so any suggestions for a new theme would be appreciated…
My current theme is called “Classifieds” and my current website is in trouble, think it’s been hacked, but working on getting that sorted just now …hopefully anyway.

And specifications for site is…?

Specifications for the site? Pretty self explanatory to me, I am looking at doing an Adult lifestyle site that contains adult personals, such as from Commercial workers, Lifestyle clubs, swingers clubs and just general personals from everyday people I guess. Theme should be probable e-commerce type but am having troubles finding which theme I should be using. My current theme is causing major problems with various things, and I am looking at totally remaking the complete site as an Adult Lifestyle/personals site similar to other sites such as Locanto .
Is this what you wanted to know ?

You can use any template for ads , you need to choose template with quality support and rating. And you can customize template by your needs.
If you want I can send you quote for new site?

Hi Zacc,
Thanks for the heads up, I kinda thought I could continue to use my current theme, but perhaps get a new look for the site to be honest.
I’m having a few issues with some of the parts of the theme that’s why I was or am looking for a new theme, but cost is a major factor again.
Can you advise remodel price, or can you recommend a a site for a new theme as well please?