i need a platform / app to manage teachers and their students !

hello everyone,

i need a platform where teachers can create their accounts, and invite their students to join them, so they can make it easy to send announcements, homework, messages, … platform should have 3 dashboards (admin/teachers/students), …

it could be same as employee and employer management …

any recommendations ?



You have to spending sometime to codecanyon hope you will find out your chosen product


If you would like to go with WordPress then you can check

May be you have to make a customize web application and it can be a combination of theme and plugins.

While a lot of this (depending on the volume of users) could be done using Evernote or Google services, there are custom platforms exist for this type of activity for a reason - and should really be your priority point of reference.

Aside from the technical complexity the hosting and security/data considerations are very high and potentially expensive.

There are some great items of the marketplaces here, from some top-notch developers, but, assuming you plan to do this properly, cutting corners and costs to use a sub $100 solution is not the right answer

Nice Idea i can help you with that.
I can make you one according to your needs.
Please let me know. Everything will be reasonable.

Best Regards