I need a mockup


I need a mockup for a ‘window board’ example you can see in the file.

The original size of the designs are 100x70 cm, the best should be that i can that file directly paste into a smart object and save it. Maybe one on 20% or something so i can use it for my website for promoting.
If you can make it, send me a message with you’re price.

I need it at least in a few days!


No one…?


Hello i can help you. please email me with all the details and your budget. :slight_smile:


hi u should ask the likes of @zlatkosan1 or a few other guys who are mock up killers indeed


Still need it!
Had some contact with Mehti Mehtiyev (mehtiyevmehti@yahoo.com) after sending the money i never heard anything more… Is there something i can do, the money was send @skrill.

If anyone stil can help me ?


Hi! Very sad to hearing it, because, not so long ago, i needed to make some fix on my website, and i have a talk with this person too. He swear what he will make a job in a best view for me (will make all my fixes) and he was give me “his” portfolio, but …all it’s works was belonged to different account (i spend a couple of time to check it). So, i told him that “it’s not your profile, let me see your request email from portfolio account”, but he can’t do it (he told me that he just an employee, and not the account owner)…So by my opinion - his a cheater!! Be carefull in next time!!!

He gave me this by email:
http://themeforest.net/user/axathemes/portfolio (he told me that most of all works made by himself)
But, he email me from this account: http://graphicriver.net/user/leon-studios (so, this was very strange for me)
He is on FB https://www.facebook.com/mehtiyev.077 (but probably it’s fake account)
So, i hope i help you:)


hi i have sent you request on skype please have me added.


Bad to hear… Unbelievable that that kind of people can life with them self…



You can see our works here.

If you get interest just by looking at our portfolio, feel free to contact us!

My best regards,