I need a key code urgently

I purchased a wordpress theme but I haven’t been able to access the wordpress website and I can’t get help from them unless I have some kind of key but when I signed on here it says Ihaven’t purchased anything. I clearly have because here is my website https://www.theenglishcoyote.co.uk/ I can’t change the password on wordpress either because it’s saying reset your website for … which is not the same website. It’s been months that I haven’t been able to access anything. Please help me to get this key so I can try and contact wordpress.


here you will find your purchase item purchase key


I did and it says there’s nothing there? Would have it expired?

You have no buyer badge on this account which means:

  1. This is not the account with which you purchased the item
  2. Did you get the theme from Envato Elements? If so then there are no purchase codes as these do not come with support or updates