I have never been approved

I have never been approved of around 7 logos that I sent, is there any advice for me? thank you

It’s impossible to give you any feedback without seeing what you submitted.
You need to share your preview images if you want to get feedback


yes thanks sorry i m newbie .

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hi pls let us see your rejected items and we will try to help u as much as we possibly can to determine what went wrong … thanks in advance

Can we preview the images that were rejected? Please post a link somewhere or edit your post so that we can have a look at it and suggest you the possible reasons for rejection. Thanks!

hi, I was also rejected with my website, I think is the general quality on your items or on my website. It have to be something impressive that nobody have seen until now…you know what I mean. Same by me. Have fun and luck.

I have submitted 2 logos but rejected. I have uploaded the logos here in the forum and also looking for suggestion. Stay with it and don’t give up. Try and try and you will win.